Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Gets Us Hot?!

By Kat

Way back in April 2011, soon after JJ and I met, we exchanged these "What gets me hot" lists. I went back and took a look at them and they made me smile.  I thought it might be fun to share them.
Kat's List
What gets me hot?
1. Intelligence
2. Deep wet kisses
3. Knowing a man is thinking of me when we're not together
4. A man's chest, shoulders, and arms (the sexiest part of the male body, in my opinion)
5. Knowing a man wants me as much as I want him
6. Being undressed slowly
7. A dominant man who knows what he wants and will take it without apology
8. Dirty talk...being called a slut, a whore
9. Sucking a nice hard cock slowly and deeply
10. Sucking your balls while I stroke your hard  cock
11. Tongue fucking your asshole while I stroke your  cock
12. Having my nipples played with and sucked
13. Nipple clamps
14. Giving a long, slow deep massage
15. Receiving a long, slow deep massage
16. Looking at pictures of beautiful women - both nude and partially clothed
17. Having my clit fingered slowly
18. Being fisted
19. Feeling a tongue on my clit while a hand is in my cunt
20. Masturbating while you watch
21. Masturbating while you watch and take pictures
22. Being fucked hard from behind....on my hands and knees
23. Being fucked hard from behind while bending over standing up, leaning forward on a bed
24. Being fucked hard from behind while bending over a desk or table
25. Having my hair pulled while kissing and fucking
26. Rough sex
27. Anal intercourse
28. Feeling you kiss my neck
29. Cum in my mouth
30. Cum on my face
31. Cuddling
32. Trying different positions
32. Dirty text messages
33. Anticipating great sex

JJ's List
Here is what gets me hot:
Intelligence-nothing worse than being physically attracted to someone and then finding out that's all they bring to the table.
Knowing a woman is thinking about me
Dirty pics while I'm at work
Watching a woman undress
A woman undressing me
Massages-Both giving and receiving!
Coming up behind me and pressing her breasts up against me
Sucking on nipples
Laying naked beside me legs intertwined with mine
Caressing a woman's inner thigh
Fingering a wet pussy
Licking a woman's clit while I finger her pussy
Licking a woman's clit while I finger her ass hole
Tongue fucking her ass hole
My cock pressed against a woman's ass while I play with her nipples
Dirty talk
A woman on all fours ass up in the air
looking back at me with a wicked smile
Titty fucking
Anal sex
Being told to fuck harder
Light Spanking
Soft kisses... Anywhere
Texting me what you want to do to me later

As I read back over JJ's list, I noticed a couple of things that we haven't tried yet.  So, JJ, watch out!  ;-)


  1. I didn't know you kept that list! ::sniffles::

  2. JJ- I kept every email. Every single one. :-)

  3. That's why I love you so damn much!