Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Like Two Bunnies On Easter

It had been a while since I'd seen Kat, a month actually! This also explains for the lack of writing on my part. But Easter Sunday was to change all of that...

 "Whatcha doin'," her text chimed over the speakers in my car, drowning out the song that I had been listening to. I replied "Driving... What are you doing?". I know what you're thinking out there. "Wow, they have a very hot and steamy text life." Kat said she was working and wished she could see me today. I thought about it for a second, made a call to work and texted her back that I would be there in 30 minutes. I kept texting her the whole way there, counting down the miles as I went, building the anticipation for both of us.

When I got to her office, the door was cracked open and I knocked. I heard her say "hello!" and she stepped out of the shadow and let me in. As soon as the door closed we started kissing. Deep, passionate kisses... Each of us trying to take in more of the other with each one. My hand slid down to her hip and then slowly moved around to her front and in between her thighs. Kat whispered to me we should go into the spare office and I agreed.

We went inside, and almost immediately clothes were flying off everywhere! My fingers drifted again down between her legs and I quickly found the treasure I was searching for. Her swollen clit was pulsing against my fingertip as I softly pressed against it. I continued just doing this for almost a full minute, then I slid a second finger in, creating a track with them to run up and down the length of it. Slowly at first, I barely pressed against her. As I felt Kat start to get wetter and wetter, I increased the speed and length of the strokes. Faster and harder, I rubbed my digits against her, occasionally sliding them inside her beautiful wet pussy. Her hips started to move in time with my hand, and I knew she was getting close to release. I kept rubbing... then... She starts to moan! I press my lips against hers and kiss her as she starts to scream! We both love doing this! I can feel her orgasm with my fingers, the spasms contracting around them, this continues for some time.

We spend the next few minutes talking, telling each other how much we love one another, arguing over who loves whom more. And then, she reaches down and starts stroking my rock solid shaft. Slowly she moves her hand up and down, kissing me. I whisper in her ear that I want her! She instinctively gets up onto her knees and presents herself to me for my adoration. I kiss the small of her back, and the slowly move back and forth from cheek to cheek. My tongue slides down in between and I start to lick around her anus. I swirl my tongue around for a moment there and then move a bit lower and start to tongue fuck her pussy.

 As much as I want to keep this up, the urge to put my cock in her prevails and I get up and press my cock up against her opening. I push it in slowly, relishing every second of being inside her. When I finally am all the way in, I hold myself there, enjoying the exhilaration of being coupled with this magnificent woman. I slowly start to pull away, feeling the air conditioning on my wet shaft. As I almost come all the way out of her, I begin pushing back in. This time I go in effortlessly, lubricated by Kat's own juices. I speed up a bit, grabbing a hold of her waist for balance. I start fucking her with abandon when I slip out of her.

I go to put myself back, but this time I see her ass winking at me. I can not deny it. I press my cock against it. It surprises Kat a little bit, but she goes with it. She slowly starts to press back on it and I can feel her slowly relaxing, surrendering to me, then she stops for a second and with her exhale I can feel the tip slide inside and her sphincter squeezing me, trying to expell what does not naturally belong there. I press inward, slowly... Intentionally...making sure that this is as pleasurable for her as it is for me. Again, I push completely into her and hold myself there. I can feel her tightening and releasing against me. It's almost enough to make me cum! I start with short slow thrusts, then increase the length, taking my time. I continue this until she is no longer fighting to expell me. Once the spams stop, I give her one long thrust inward,and she takes in all of me. I pull away and do it again. I grab hold of her hips once more, pulling her against me, on to me. Her motions fucking me, not I her.

 I grab hold tighter and the roles reverse as I get close. I hold her still while I impale her over and over again until... The tingling starts and my groin starts to tighten, I pull away one last time, and as I drive into her, the loads of creamy white cum shoot out of me and deep into her ass. I thrust a few more times making sure she gets every drop of me. As I finish, I lean over and kiss the small of her back and whisper... "Happy Easter!"

Mystery Solved

Today one of the great questions of my life was finally answered. I'm sorry I can't go into details. Just know that the circumstances surrounding my enlightenment deeply saddened me.

To paraphrase the immortal words of G.I. Joe...
Now I know... And knowing is half the battle...