Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inhaling an Orgasm

So, I've been thinking a lot about Kat lately, fantasizing actually.  I find my mind wandering to the hotel room where the two of us are able to just let everything go and just enjoy being together.  I soak in every second, her scent, her touch, the way she quivers as I brush a fingertip over her pussy.   Feeling her start to moisten as I press my fingers against her, her legs parting ever so slightly making her open up for me.  I slide a digit into the slit her movement has created and wet my finger in her juices.  Her clit has started swelling and I wedge another finger in to begin playing with it.  Rubbing it slowly at first, her hips begin to move in time with my hand, I start to speed up occasionally slipping my fingers inside her.  My movements increase into long hard strokes up and down the length of her pussy and my hand has become slick.  I continue to play, alternating my tempo, prolonging her arousal for as long as possible bringing her to the brink and then pulling her away.  Finally I whisper to her, "Cum for me!"!  She starts to orgasm and I kiss her deeply, inhaling her screams and moans, stealing the sounds of pleasure away from her.  Leaving her wanting to do it again!

For Only A Few Hours

So, Kat and I have not seen each other in a couple of weeks. These things happen... Work, family, holidays. All these things conspire against us and make it that much more difficult to spend time together.

Sooooo... This week coming week has potential. I have 3 days off in a row, hopefully one of them will work and I can steal a few hours away with her. What I'd give for another whole day and night with her again! (You can read about that on her blog!) But with the way things are right now, a few hours will have to do.

Let's rewind for a minute...

When Kat and I first got together, we were able to see each other every week. On a few occasions, more than that!!! I was spoiled and I knew it. I was fucking this beautiful woman just about whenever the urge hit me. In the back of my mind, I always knew the day was coming when I would be moving away, but I repressed it. I didn't want anything to ruin this amazing time that I was having. I have to admit that last summer was one of the best, if not THE best summers of my life. Finally, July turned into August, and it was time to move. Ironically, the move put me the same distance away, but in a different direction. I moved for work which was the right thing to do. Doing what I did has opened more doors for me than anyone can imagine! But, more work and less play has definitely made the time I get to spend with Kat all that more precious. Gone are the days of having her whenever I want.

So am I looking forward to this week? Hell yeah!!! The things I think about doing with her when we are apart make me blush just thinking about them. What I would love to do is get some really good high res pics of her after I've had my way with her. You know, cum dripping out of her sore, abused little ass. Maybe a shot of my fist fully inserted in her pussy. I get hard just thinking about it!

What do you all think???

V-Day Shopping For Your Sweetie

Ok, so I have to admit that it... I love to shop at Tiffany&Co. Why you ask??? It's because no matter who you are or what you purchase, they always make you feel like you are the most important person in the store and what you are buying is the absolute perfect choice! If they sold silver plated dog crap, someone would probably buy it and that person would feel like he just bought the perfect gift for whomever it was that they purchased it for!

Normally, I am not one of those guys who is out on V-Day trying to buy a gift. I usually have my purchases done the week or so before. But this year it's been crazy and I found myself out today among all of the other men, and a few women (At this point in the narrative I just have to say, "God bless the inventor of yoga pants!") out making their last minute purchases. The one thing that I had on my side though, was that I knew exactly what I was out to purchase. Guys if you're reading this and you have still not gone out and got your sweetie a gift, my advice to you is to have a plan and stick to it. I had already been on the Internet and found the item I wanted, so when I got to Tiffany&Co I just had to find it in the case and tell the sales associate that I wanted it.  Total time in the store was about 10 minutes! Same thing when I went to get cards, candy and flowers. I knew what I was getting going into the stores. So, you can heed my advice or not, let me know what you think??? Ladies, if you have any advice for us guys, I'd love to hear that as well!

Security Issues

Hi folks!

Due to some unforeseen security issues.  I had to delete my old profile and start a new one.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Off The Wagon

Hi folks!!!
It's your ol' pal JJ here.

Well, It's been a quiet couple of weeks for me.  I haven't been able to post to the blog.  But more importantly, I haven't been able to see Kat as much as she or I've wanted to.  To be perfectly honest, I've I haven't been the best prowling partner lately.  Work has not been going the way I expected it to and coming off of a vacation has seem to have created a need for a vacation from my vacation.  I've been distant, slow to respond to her texts and just overall not the person she has come to know.  A lot has changed for us both the past few months and the amount of time we have together has become less and less.  Not because of disinterest or interest in another, but distance, work and life in general is making fucking Kat an almost impossibility!

Today was another one of those times where the fates conspired against us.  Kat had work today and I had family decide today would be a good time to drop in (In spite of the fact I just spent a week with them on vacation!) and go have lunch.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be much more promising.  But first I need to start making sure Kat knows just how much I miss her and need her! =)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

I don't know if it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because I was already very fond of JJ before he left over a week ago on vacation, but I can definitely tell you that absence makes Kat go crazy!

Even before he left, it had been weeks since we had seen each other.  We didn't plan it that way, but life intervened.  You know how that is, right?

Well, now he's back and he hasn't had a chance to talk with me yet, and I'm anxious. I've missed him. Even when we don't see each other for weeks, we always connect by text and phone, but this last week has been a week of complete radio silence. And you know that a week in internet time is like a month in normal linear time.

I don't know how much more absence this heart can take.

But I'll keep long as it takes.