Thursday, January 17, 2013

January... Where Is It Going?!?!?

So it is,the 17th of January.  I haven't seen my adorable Kat since last year, I have a cold which could potentially ruin tomorrow's rendezvous, I'm working 6 days next week and I leave for vacation the week after!  This year is already going by at supersonic speed and it's barely even started! 

AND to make me even grumpier than I already am about it, my blood pressure is way too high and my doctor wants me to exercise more and cut my salt and caffein intake!!!  It's bad enough my New year's resolution is to give up diet soda.  But caffein and salt are the cornerstones of my daily food consumption.  So... in my all encompassing brilliance, yesterday I decided to cut them both out of my diet cold turkey.  That pf course, lead to a migraine of monumental propertions and now I am left with a cold...

The only thing good about any of this is that I got to talk to Kat today on the phone, completely uninterupted for quite a while.

This year is going by too fast to be sick or have high blood pressure or to only TALK to Kat!

I guess I need to speed up or get left in the dust.  It reminds me of a quote from Revenge of The Sith, "DO what must be done Lord Vader.  Do not hesitate. show no mercy!". 
If I'm going to keep up, I need to do all of these things, without hesitation, and with the notion that they are all to ensure I am around for a long, long time.

I guess the year can go by as fast as it wants, as long as I am around to be in it!