Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pleasant Surprise AT Work

So, yesterday I was at work and my phone started chiming, I had an email.  This isn't an unusual thing.  But when it comes from Kat, I try to quickly make my way to the restroom (where I can have some privacy) to get a gander at it.  Well I have to say that I wasn't disappointed!  In my inbox were not just one, but two pics of Kat!

It was a simple email, no message other than "For You" in the subject and in the body, a gorgeous pic of her pussy spread open with two of her fingers showing me her clit and and an inviting wet spot that I knew was the tight, little, entrance inside her.  Kat knows that nothing gets me hotter faster than seeing her pussy splayed open in all it's glory, and there it was!  At that moment all I wanted to do was lick my iPhone!

The second email was addressed in the same discreet way, but when I opened it there was a pic of Kat's breasts and she was pulling on one of her nipples...  I know how much she loves that and at that moment, all I wanted to do then was oblige her!

The combination of both of these pics got me thinking about the last time we were together.  How I love to play with her nipples, gently biting them, twisting them with my teeth, while I have three finger inside her pleasuring her G-Spot.  She gets soooooo turned on by both!  So much so that she can't decide which she wants me to do more, play with her pussy or pinch her nipples.  Her nipples are so sensitive that she can almost cum from having them played with.  Knowing this always turns me on, so when I can feel her starting to climax, I bite on them or pinch them harder so that I can extract every last bit of orgasm out of her.  Nothing turns me on more than making her cum!  In fact, I usually don't even try to fuck her until she has cum at least once, and usually multiple times!

After masturbating to Kat's pic, I went back to my office and I saw something that tickled my fancy...  You'll never guess what it was so I'll just show you...

Its a chainmail glove...  Hmmm...  After reading DauntlessD's post on PWK, Light Bondage Anyone?, I was reminded of Daunt's use of a mink glove.  I wondered if a chainmail glove could elicit the same kind of response and create the same kind of excitement?  I may have to borrow one this week and find out!

Have any of you ever used a chainmail glove???

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