Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Last Encounter: Part 1

Well bloggers, I had promised to post about our last encounter while Kat was on vacation.  Sorry I'm a few days late, but here it is nonetheless...



I got into my car to make the drive to the hotel Kat and I usually got to.  My thoughts instantly wander to being with Kat.  The way she kisses my neck, her hand on my cock, sliding my hand between her legs and feeling her tremble as I spread her lips open and touch her clit...  I think about all of the things I want to do with her...  to her...

Finally I get to the hotel.  I'm the first one there, so I go inside to get a room.  It's Creepy Guys wife today.  She's a very sweet middle eastern woman.  She says hello, asks me how I've been and if I want the usual.  I tell her I've been well and yes the usual would be fine.  We make small talk while she gets me the room key and as soon as I have the room number I text it to Kat. She replies she's almost here, I text back for her to hurry up!

I get to the room, leaving the door cracked open for Kat to come in.  I go about making the room ready, adjusting the AC, pulling down the sheets on the bed and putting my phone on silent.  I hear the door creak and in walks Kat.  Everytime I see her, she takes my breath away.  I go over to her and immediately start to kiss her.  Not soft, sweet kisses, but deep, passionate, lustful ones.  The kind that say I want you now, here, and I don't care who or what knows about it.  I latch the door and we move over to the bed.  I sit down on the bed and we continue kissing while she stands in front of me.  My hand wanders into her pants and I immediately find what I am looking for.  She's already wet and her clit is is exposed, as if its waiting for me to touch it.  I press against it and Kat quivers.  I start playing with it as she moans, kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear.  I pull her pants and panties down and she steps out of them, spreading her legs to give me even more access.  I slide two fingers into her wet  pussy and she shreaks with delight.  She asks me if she can cum and I tell her of course she can.  At that moment, I can feel her body recoiling, tightening, just like the clam before a storm.  Then in wave over wave she starts to cum.  I slide my fingers deeper into her, feel her inides grab ahold of me and tighten and release over and over again.  I kiss her, mouths wide open, stealing her screams of delight as they come rushing out of her. 

As she finishes, I lay her down on the corner of the bed with her legs dangling on either side.  This give me a perfect view of Kat's sex, spread out for me to pleasure.  I spread open her pussy and see her clit, still swollen, and I lean in and kiss it.  I slowly go from soft kisses to lightly licking it, to running my tongue up and down.  Kat is wet, and her juices are all over my face, and I LOVE IT!  I start to lap at her with my tongue, and then sliding it into her and licking the opening.  I move back up to her clit, and as I do, I push three fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her while I'm sucking on her.  She starts to move her hips in time with my hand and I spread the fingers inside her apart, stretching her for the fourth finger.  I slide it in with the others, still sucking on her clit as she bucks with delight.  Again, I spread them, and Kat asks me to go slow.  I reaffirm that I will and then slowly add my thumb inside her.  She screams, a little, both from the pain and pleasure.  I start moving hy hand in and out, each time pressing a little harder, forcing my hand deeper and deeper.  Soon after, my hand disappears inside Kat and instinctively, I ball my hand into a fist and start to fuck her with it.  I start slow and then quickly beging pounding my hand inside her. I uncurl my fist and move my fingers to her sweet spot and start rubbing aginst it.  Immediately, she starts cumming and I lean in pressing my face against her clit.  Licking it, nibbling it, sucking it.  Her pussy grabs my hand, not letting me remove it.  I wait for her spasms to start subsiding and then slowly pull my hard out of her.  Then I slowly start kissing up her body until I reach her mouth.  I kiss her hungrily and whisper, now it's my turn...   


  1. oh my...we've missed you both!

  2. JJ- You are so sweet! That was a wonderful and delightfully pleasurable afternoon. ;-) I think you should teach a clinic on fisting because you are so good at it! You can demonstrate on me anytime. Hehe

  3. Because you're both so Kreativ!