Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Last Encounter: Part 2

Hello blogosphere!!!

It's good to finally be back!

This summer was maybe the most challenging one of my life.  New job, an illness in the family, vacations, all of it was a lot to deal with over the past 3 months.  I apologize that the blog was the part of my life I had to put on hold.  The worst part was that I left you all hanging at the end of  Our Last Encounter: Part 1.

So, here is part 2 of our last encounter.


As I leaned in to kiss Kat, my cock pressed against her and found the slippery slope it was looking for.  I pushed inward, and with almost a gulp, I was inside her.  I pushed back to stand and Kat lifted her legs and rested them against my chest, this postion tightened everything in between her legs and made me have to push and pull even harder to fuck her, and I loved it!  I drove myself into her again, the extra friction making me even more excited.  "Do you like that?" Kat asked my as I went into her again.  Then she spread her legs and held them there, "Or do you like this?".  The sensation was completely different now.   I glided in and out of her easily speeding up the pace of my thrusts.  "I like them both!" I replied.  I slowed down again, this time pressing my thumb on her clit.  I started rubbing it.  I wanted her to cum with me inside her.  I just love the way it feels.  I started moving my hand quicker and slowing my thrusts down holding myself inside while I moved my hand up and down her.  Then it started happening!  Her pussy constricted itself around my cock and I started pumping into her with abandon.  I knew she was there and I continued fucking her, her pussy swallowing my cock and then tightening around it.  As I pushed inside, I felt the muscles tightening in my lower abdomen, tugging down into my groin.  Then with a final thrust, I released deep inside Kat.  Wave after wave, I kept cumming, but nothing was changing, I was still hard!

I continiued, slowing down a bit, waiting for things to "soften", but it wasn't happening.  It may have been because her pussy was still squeezing my cock and that sensation is just soooo hot to me.  Thankfully, this has happened to me a couple of times in my life, so I knew thay I could go another round.  I leaned in and kissed Kat slowly and whispered "I'm not finished yet.", "What???", she replied.  "I'm still hard!", I said.  Kat grinned at me and then said asked me if I wanted to switch positions?  I nodded, and immediately, we were seperated.  Kat spun around and was on her knees so fast, I didn't have time to even move out of the way.  My cock rubbed against her as she moved into position and I put my hands on her hips and brought her backwards onto my shaft. 

Now I was in complete control.  I used her hips to push and pull her away from me, throwing her back onto me in hard deliberate thrusts.  I could feel body shake when I would do this and I laughed a little bit to myself, because I knew it was hurting just enough to remind her I was in control,but felt good enough to let me keep doing it.  Once I saw her wincing I knew it was enough and I grabbed her waist tightly and started forcing myself into her.  Every thrust bringing me closer, closer to the release I was so deperately in need of.  Again, I felt my body growing tense, and I knew it would be soon.  I lookeed down and I saw Kat's tight little ass, puckering and opening as I was moving in and out of her.  That visual was all it took!  Load after load of hot cum shot deep into her pussy.  This time I felt things going back to normal as I slowly pulled out of Kat, collapsed over her and gently kissed the small of her back.

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  1. made me remember that like it was yesterday. xoxo