Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alone on Valentine's Day?

Okay, I'll say it.  I'm having a rough day. It's Valentine's Day, and Hubby is out of town and JJ is busy doing the V-Day thing for his wife and then working. Even my best friend feels distant today.

Not having a sweetie nearby on Valentine's day really isn't very much fun.

So, I'm trying to remember that today is really just another day.  There's nothing magical about it. Not being with Hubby or JJ today does not mean I'm not loved.

I wonder what other folks do on Valentine's Day when they can't be with the one they love?


  1. Don't feel bad Kat. My husband is working and has worked every Valentines Day since I met him. You are right. It's just another day and yes, you are loved. Plus I am sure both men will make it up to you ;)

  2. Go to your local grocery store.

    Kat, I don't know it this helps or hurts... I went to the grocery store during lunch and most of the men in the store were scurrying around with armfuls of candies, flowers, balloons, cards, and stuffed animals...bumping into each other. It was comical and I was nearly in stitches when I left the store.

    99 (Mylar) Luftballons in the parking lot.

    It all seems so forced. Be happy to have your men in your life. As Naughty Kitty said, You are loved! That's all that matters. :-)

  3. You know I love you Kat!!! Tomorrow is going to be our Valentine's Day!!!