Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When The Body Speaks

Well readers, it's been a while since I've seen my precious Kat and the yearning that has been building since the last time we were together is becoming unbearable. Unfortunately, this week, a week that was supposed to be full of possibilities, has been ruined for me by an anatomical anomaly(That's what the doctor called it... Really!).  No, it isn't anything life threatening, just more of a reoccurring nuisance. This time, the doctor wanted me to have an MRI on the same day I was hoping to see Kat. Is he crazy??? Doesnt he know how much I need to see her, to be in her arms and to feel myself deep inside her? Obviously not! It's ironic... This sabotage by my own body, the same body that can't wait to be with her, is the same one undergoing MRIs and being poked and prodded all to make sure I don't have anything that could potentially kill me. All of that really doesn't matter to me right now because all I am thinking about is how I can't see Kat because my body has let me down. And then I think, "The week isn't over yet!", and I text Kat to check her availability... Hopefully, something will work!

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